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Why OpenBSD?

OpenBSD cwm

Today I’ve seen a nice video by a guy explaining why he likes OpenBSD as a daily OS since one and a half year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTShQIXSdqM. That inspired me to think back when I was first installing this awesome OS. I can still remember when I have seen the first time OpenBSD booting into the installer. What a nice experience because I was still used to Windows or Linux installers! A simple text installer asking some simple questions and that was it. I’ve never installed an OS so fast like that before.

I’m using OpenBSD since around 2.7 or 2.9 (I can’t really remember) first and foremost as a firewall OS. Step by step I realized the beauty of this nice system. With the time the hardware support increased and I bought my first Thinkpad to run it also as an OS for the desktop. Thanks to the porters all the software I need is available in ports now. I guess I’m using OpenBSD as my main OS at home since around six or seven years. And I was lucky to be able to switch my desktop at work to OpenBSD some month ago too :)

As soon as cwm was released and shipped in base I switched over to use it - and never regret it. This nice windows manager teached me the beauty of purity. I’m still playing around to improve the usability by creating new key bindings etc. Some shell scripting, some additional progs (rofi, maim, vimb, fbpanel/tint2, xstatbar/oxbar) and the perfect desktop for me is up and running.

I will very probably write something about my OpenBSD adventure from time to time.

~ uw