== Zarathustra's home ==
Ich hab' mein' Sach' auf Nichts gestellt.
(Max Stirner)


Sæl og blessuð,

my name is Uwe Werler and I live in Reykjavík/Iceland since 2017.

I started this site just for fun and to play around with web stuff again
(after I did that lastly around 1998 when I was a student).

My interests are:

  • it stuff (everything OpenBSD-related)
  • economics (Austrian School of Economics)
  • libertarism/voluntarism
  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • hiking
  • reading
  • nature

I will just start to blog a little bit - for myself - about some of my interests.


  • XMPP: uwe ʇɐ werler ʇop is
  • MAIL: uwe ʇɐ werler ʇop is
  • Honk: @uwe@honk.werler.is
  • Matrix: @uwerler:matrix.org
  • Mastodon: @uwerler@bsd.network